Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Little Passports World Coin Collection Review and Giveaway

We are so excited to be featuring this exclusive giveaway for the Little Passports World Coin Collection! At the beginning of February, Little Passports put out a challenge to bloggers, asking us to give readers three reasons we love them. Personally, I simply love the entire concept behind Little Passports and I have had my eye on them for months. We decided to take part in their friendly competition since I actually do love the service (we aren't fans of participating in promotional events for products we are not passionate about, as it feels unethical and dishonest to us). As I truly do enjoy Little Passports (and even more now that I've been able to sample the subscription box they offer as well), this felt easy.

We participated in the blogger challenge and took 1st place! That also means we are now able to provide you with this very special World Coin Collection giveaway.

Before we get into the giveaway, let me just tell you how much we loved this collection in our house. When you purchase the World Coin Collection, you get 20 coins from around the world, as well as a magnifying glass, a pouch to keep your coins in, and a little booklet with activities in it.

My son is obsessed with coins and the first thing he wanted to do was open each coin and match them up to the pictures in the front of the activity booklet. Once we had them matched up, we went online to see if we could figure out what they converted to in USD. He was having fun and using his math skills (including some he's still developing). Not once did he complain because he didn't see it as educational but something he was excited about, which makes me happy as a mother. 

After we were done with that, he broke out the map that came in our World Edition box from Little Passports and sat on the floor trying to match up the coins to their countries. Again, he was having fun learning, this time with geography.

This was an awesome learning experience for him and for me as well. The World Coin Collection is a great addition to any home or classroom. The educational value and take away far exceeds the $19.95 price. Well done, Little Passports. 

Now on to the giveaway!!!! 

In the comment section, please answer the following questions: 

1.) Name at least one box that Boxy has reviewed based on food or products another country.
2.) What is Little Passports box that is geared towards toddlers called? 
3.) What are the names of the Little Passports world travelers who send pen pal letters and souvenirs to your child? 
4.) What are the two colors on the suitcases that come with Little Passports? 
5.) Besides the World Coin Collection, name another item you can purchase from the Little Passports shop.


  1. 1. British Boxes
    2. Early Explorers
    3. Max, Mia (and dog Toby)
    4. orange and yellow for Early Explorers, blue and green for World Edition
    5. personalized products like world-themed lunchbox

    1. Kalliejenn81 - please contact us at you are the winner of the World Coin Set!

    2. Kalliejenn81 - please contact us at you are the winner of the World Coin Set!

  2. That looks very fun! The suitcase is blue and green. This looks like a fun family activity.