Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rite Mitts Oven Mitts Review

We have one potholder. ONE. It's not in the best shape, either, and my husband thinks it's hilarious to put it in the cabinet over the oven, meaning I'm stuck with a hot pan and no way to pick it up. :/ So I was so excited to review oven mitts from Rite Mitts, because they're for both hands and I can store them somewhere I can reach!

With the new slow cooker we bought recently, a pair of oven mitts is perfect. I used these recently to remove some simmering seitan from the slow cooker and move it to the counter. They fit great, didn't burn, and kept my hands safe.

One side of the mitt is a basic white mitt with the brand's giant logo on the back (I never said they were stylish). The other side is coated to be more heat-resistant. They're good size and should fit anyone, without being too big or small. 

If I had any complaints, it would simply be that they could be cuter. But when I'm holding or moving a scalding pan, I don't care what's on my hands as long as it's not boiling water or broth! :)

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