Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Kilmaine Saints Music Review

One of my favorite bands of all time is The Pogues. It's pretty much to be expected, because they're a band that combines four of my favorite things - my Celtic heritage, folk songs, punk rock, and drunken chaos (okay, the fourth one I tend to like more in theory than in reality). So when I was listening to my sampler this month from The Music Box and discovered the track "All for Me Grog" by The Kilmaine Saints, I knew this was a band I needed to hear more of. I ordered their three albums immediately.

I love this band! I can't stop listening to these CDs and even wake up singing their songs. I also find myself singing them in the shower. The music is high energy and really does capture that special Celtic tradition of loud and energetic folk music in a pub environment. It's punk, too, so there's an extra level of enthusiasm in each track. More people seem to know The Dropkick Murphys than the Pogues, and that's also a valid comparison.

Rather than try to describe the music, I am going to share a track from YouTube so you can enjoy. You need to check this band out - they're made up of a group of people from diverse backgrounds who came together out of a passion for Celtic music.

That's live music for you. :) And actually, if you are in the Central PA area, The Kilmaine Saints happen to be playing THIS SATURDAY. The show is at the American Legion in Elphrata. You can get details on Facebook.  Go for me - and tell me how it was!

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