Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fit Snack Review: February 2015

Although I'm not super conscious of eating high protein foods or snacks for an active lifestyle, I was very impressed with Fit Snack last month, so I decided to subscribe for a month on my own to see what I thought. Since Protein Bakery wasn't included this month, it was a definite letdown, although it's still packed to the brim. Let's review.

For starters, I got this awesome bag, but I'm not sure if it was because I used our blog link to sign up for my subscription. This is sturdy and quite spacious. I really like this bag!

Inside were Simply 7 chips in Quinoa and Lentil. We had received our first box last month as reviewers, so it was a sample box rather than the official January subscription box. Fit Snack makes a point not to send the same items in a row (thanks Fit Snack for catching this!), so we only received the items twice due to the change over from a review box to a subscription. My husband likes these snacks, so it's good.

We received Fit Snack veggie chips, as well as the almond and pumpkin seed mix we got in our review box. I loved that last time and will eat it this week. Finally we got more NoGii and gluten-free pancake mix, so since I still have those in the pantry, I will pass them along to my gluten-free sister. I am happy that FitSnack was proactive enough to catch the repeats and contact us, because most people wouldn't. I also have to say that, aside from repeated products (and they can repeat Protein Bakery every month, by the way!), there is no difference in quality from a review box to a paid subscription. As bloggers, we sometimes are sent different boxes than paying customers and that upsets me. I love that my paid box is just as loaded as my review box. It makes me confident in saying good things about this subscription!

The creamy Sunbutter is new, although I haven't tried it yet. This is a sunflower seed spread that you can use in place of peanut butter, I suppose, but I really love peanut butter. :) There was also a tasty Level protein bar, which went in my husband's pile of bars for work (after I stole a bite and wrapped it back up!!).

I don't have a picture of my favorite item, which was a Lenny's and Larry's peanut butter vegan cookie. I don't have a picture because I ate that so fast!

There was also a pack of mocha energy bites, which I'm wary of trying. I don't really go for energy drinks or bars because they feel somewhat unnatural. Fit Snack is pretty intense in their screening of brands, though, so I will hang on to these and see if I feel up for taking the risk. This is on me, not them, because I am just weird about certain things. I think I've heard too many ridiculous stories.

Overall, I wasn't as excited about this month's Fit Snack, although it was mostly because the box was extremely similar to the one I received in January for review. Since they were so good in reaching out to resolve this, I am really happy knowing I signed up for the right subscription. The snacks are definitely good and I recommend giving them a try. They are responsive to customers and feedback, load the boxes, and include things that don't taste like diet food, so really, you can't beat them - and especially not for the price!!

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